“You will see my tiny footprints, in each butterflies' lazy dance. I'll let you know I'm with you, if you just give me the chance.”
Tiny Footprints, Unknown
Get to Know Hudson David McNeel Prematurity and NICU’s

“This Foundation has given us hope, it’s a celebration in honor of our son and his life. Being able to give back and help the NICU at the University of Washington Medical Center provides us joy and comfort, knowing that future premature babies and their families will be continually cared for.”

The mission behind the Hudson David McNeel Foundation is simple – to celebrate, honor and remember his life by giving back and making a difference in the survivability of premature lives…one breath at a time.

Hudson David McNeel

Hudson, born 15 weeks early and weighing only 650 grams, came into this world a fighter, despite the odds he was up against.

Learn About Prematurity and NICU’s

Learn more about prematurity, the criticality of each and every day in the mother’s womb, and the neonatal intensive care units dedicated to caring for these fragile babies.

Learn How You Can Contribute

100% of every dollar raised is directly donated to NICU care. Together we can make a difference and help save these delicate lives.

Hudson David McNeel Foundation
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