Foundation Mission

One out of Eight Babies in the United States is Born Prematurely.

The Hudson David McNeel Foundation’s mission is to raise awareness and funds that will help support premature lives and assist families navigating through the NICU journey. Did you know that 1,400 babies are born prematurely in the United States every single day? That is one out of every eight births. Preterm birth is the leading cause of infant death and over 15 million babies globally are born prematurely each year. In over 40% of these cases, the cause is unknown.

Preterm birth is defined as a live birth before 37 weeks of gestation. Late preterm relates to 34-36 weeks gestation, moderately preterm is between 32-36 weeks, and severely preterm are those born under 32 weeks.

How We Help.

Every cent raised for our foundation is gifted to the University of Washington Medical Center’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, where Hudson was cared for until his passing. Hudson was born at 25 weeks and his odds of survival were 50/50. Our mission is to contribute funds for further research and development, to prevent or aid in the treatment of premature complications and deliveries. The NICU can use these funds for continuing education, fellowship programs, unit expansion, increased technology and infant transport programs. Due to Hudson’s severe prematurity, he needed to cared for in a level IV NICU, which can handle the most complex level of neonatal care. We feel fortunate to be living in an area with these resources available, and were nothing but amazed at the profound care that he received.

Giving back to support this cause has provided us comfort and solace as we grieve over the loss of our son. Making a difference in his honor is a remarkable way to celebrate his life and help others in need.

Thank you for supporting such a fragile and delicate cause…a newborn’s life. 

Hudson David McNeel Foundation
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